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Privacy Policy

Information collected by this website

The information this webpage will collect from its visitors is solely used for statistics purposes.

It uses a service supplied by WebStats to display the number of new visitors and returning visitors to this webpage during a certain period of time.

Information stored and collected from the server

Like any website, there has to be a physical IP address in order to access any website from the user's computer to the server where the website is hosted. This IP address will be stored on the server until the expiration date of the cookie.

This webpage does not collect information such as

IP addresses, Geolocations, phone numbers, bank accounts, screen preferences or any other kind of personal information besides the technical information mentioned above.

Information used to contact you

The webpage will ask you for your name and email address so you can be contacted in case you require any information and if you choose to use the contact form displayed on the footer of this page.

Decline the use of cookies

You can decline the use of this information by declining the use of cookies but some functionality might not be available or not work properly.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, contact me.